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Mock The Week Series 7 tickets now booking

Hello! To those not already aware, tickets for the upcoming seventh series of MtW are now available for booking from SRO Audiences, and we know that David's going to be on a couple of the shows. The problem is, since the show's so popular (and, apparently, half the audience each time are production guests), tickets are notoriously hard to get hold of!

I have a suggestion, if you'll indulge me: as many people as possible apply for tickets (and for the maximum allowed per date), then if you're lucky enough to get tickets, ask around if other people would like to go - or, if you can't make the date you're given, contact SRO and ask if you can swap. (They're a really friendly company, particularly Martin, and once you have tickets they're usually very accommodating and helpful.) Even if you can't make any recordings, I humbly suggest you apply anyway and see if anyone else can use any tickets you get...

(crossposted to some other places, so many apologies if you see this more than once!)
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