kittyhewitt (kittyhewitt) wrote in dmitchell_daily,


Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd ask if anyone was at the QI recording last night?  

Guests were Dara, Graham Norton (first timer) & DM who was looking pretty darn amazing (even if he did have a tissue up his left nostril for 10 minutes!).   Subject was 'Genius' 

Stephen commented as the guests were introduced how much weight they'd lost recently - he's 5 stone lighter!  Dara said he'd lost 3 stone but David wasn't mentioned.  I know I'm still a little perplexed - anyway, I hope he wasn't ill is all.

A very enjoyable evening in all (better than WILTY in that there were only 2 quick links that needed re-doing, as we know Fry is a consumate professional!) - Dara managed not to swear too much & lots of talk about poo, the smell of wee & marrying a serial killer.  What more could you ask for?
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