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Help! Tickets for That Mitchell & Webb Sound needed...

Hello there, and apologies if anyone sees this more than once, but I'm cross-posting to everywhere I can think of!

This is an appeal to anyone who may have spare tickets for the upcoming recordings of That Mitchell and Webb Sound. I run the Mitchell & Webb Forum, and everyone there who applied got nothing for any dates. (Thanks, BBC Tickets and your random draw!) So, if anyone out there has ANY spares for any of the dates - 1st, 8th and/or 15th - please could you let me know? There's a fair few people out there who would be incredibly grateful for them!

I regularly book tickets to recordings and sometimes have spares, so if anyone wants to do swaps for something else, that might also be possible. Also, if anyone knows of anywhere/anyone else I might be able to ask, please do tell me.

Thanks for your time!
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