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QI Series F Dates

I'm a bad person and need to post news to LJ rather than forgetting!

The QI Blog has the full schedule for the rest of Series F. David was, of course, on the Children in Need special (Families) back in November, and his other two appearances - the final two of the series to be aired - will be:

6th March - Film - other guests are John Sessions and Emma Thompson
13th March - Food - other guests are Jimmy Carr and Rich Hall
I was at the recording of Film and can tell you it should be a brilliant show!

Also worth noting in case you don't know: QI's move to BBC1 has given rise to a 45-minute extended version, QI XL, to be broadcast on BBC2 the night after the thirty-minute version is aired.

(From crosspost with love to dmitchell_daily and mitchell_webb.)
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